Construction of Mafinga Scheme


Communities around Marko Irrigation Scheme currently under construction have expressed satisfaction with the speed at which the works are progressing.

Water Users Association (WUA) President, Andrew Nyondo says the contractor, Mount Carmel Construction Company, has already covered a lot of ground in the three months that he has been in the area.

“Since May, when the works were launched, we have seen a lot of progress. The contractor is doing commendable work and we are very grateful,” said Nyondo.

Construction works of the Marko Irrigation Scheme were launched towards the end of May 2022 together with Mafinga Irrigation Scheme at Chisenga in the same district by the Minister of Agriculture, Honorable Lobin Lowe.

Nyondo also applauded the close working relationship that is existing between WUA, construction committee and the contractor which has assisted in ensuring that construction works are executed with no hindrances.

“We are making sure that no community member blocks constructions works by ensuring that all issues from both the community members and the contractor are dealt with timely and decisively,” added Nyondo.

Mount Carmel Construction Limited is currently working on the water intake along the Kaseghe River. The river was diverted to pave way for construction of the intake.

The company is also constructing drains and canals that will direct water into farming fields. The works started in June this year and are expected to conclude in May 2023.

The scheme sits on a 140-hectare stretch of land. Once completed, the scheme is expected to benefit about 481 households. Marko Irrigation Scheme is in Traditional Authority Mwaulambya’s area, 15 kilometres off the Karonga-Chitipa road close to the Malawi/Tanzania Border.


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