Phalombe farmer touts poultry farming


Most farmers raise small-scale livestock for one major purpose – food. Poultry, mostly chickens help rural farmers enjoy good meals. In rare cases, the chickens multiply to an extent that such farmers turn to poultry for business.

In a rare case of successful poultry farming, a Phalombe farmer is seeing success story of livestock business. Evance Muliya of Nanyalo Village, in Traditional Authority Nkhulambe in Phalombe district is into raising of ducks.

In 2018, PRIDE gave Muliya’s household 10 ducks in a small livestock pass-on program. The objective was to see Muliya multiply the ducks and pass the 10 ducks on to the second line beneficiary.

“I managed to pass on the 10 to the next farmer within one year,” says Muliya.

By passing on the ten ducks, Muliya was now the owner of those remaining. Within that year, the population of the ducks multiplied to 110. Muliya, 57, decided to sell some of the ducks to reduce the burden of feeding them.

“Lucky enough an opportunity opened up in Blantyre. There was some who wanted 30 ducks. I supplied him the 30 at MK7,000 per duck,” said Muliya.

He returned to Phalombe with MK210,000 which he used to sort out some of the financial needs that he had like paying fees for his child in secondary school.

Providing feed for the ducks has also been eased with the cash injection. “I used to struggle with feeding the ducks but that is no more. I have enough feed for these ducks,” adds Muliya in company of his wife, Zione Chikopa.

Chikopa, the wife was in full of PRIDE intervention which she said has gone a long way in changing the financial fortunes of her family.

“Our household is a shining example of what hard work can achieve if it is supported like the way PRIDE did. We have other businesses being borne out of this farming. As you can see, I have a shop where am selling some groceries and fish. We have tap water right here,” boasted Chikopa as Muliya nodded in agreement.

PRIDE is constructing Wowo Irrigation Scheme in this area. As part of addressing environment degradation, PRIDE through its rider project, Enhancing the Resilience of Agro-Ecological Systems Project (ERASP) has been distributing small livestocks like chickens, ducks and goats.

The objective is to provide alternative sources of income to household and help them divert them from relying on the unsustainable charcoal business as the source of livelihood.      


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